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CatSU forms team to address university projects' environmental considerations


To ensure that environmental considerations associated with university projects are addressed, the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Admin and Financial Affairs, led by Dr. Art I. Tabirara, established the CatSU Environmental Impact Statement Team (EIS) at Catanduanes State University (CatSU).

Assisted by Engr. Rafael R. Manoguid, CatSU Pollution Control Officer, and Dr. Ramon F. Samonte, CatSU Panganiban Campus OIC-Director, the EIS Workshop formulation took place on June 5, 2023, at the Accreditation Room.

The workshop focused on EIS Formulation and Assessment and aimed to systematically evaluate the potential environmental effects of proposed university projects, including economic zones for CatSU and other infrastructure projects.

According to Engr. Manoguid, the purpose of the workshop was to provide decision-makers, stakeholders, and the public with comprehensive information and analysis regarding the PEZA projects. It aimed to assess the potential impacts on the environment, as well as associated risks and benefits to various environmental components such as air quality, water resources, ecosystems, biodiversity, cultural heritage, and social aspects.

The primary goals of the workshop can be summarized as follows: identify and assess direct and indirect environmental impacts, predict and evaluate alternatives, enhance project design and planning, facilitate public participation, and promote sustainable development.

"In line with our SUC president's Vision of HOPE and with economic zones for the university, we want to ensure that we are able to facilitate decision-making and promote sustainable development. We also want to determine if there are more environmentally friendly options available and ensure that the projects are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner," Engr. Manoguid said.

Engr. Benjamin Hannycel T. Nuyda, Planning and Development Officer, presented the university's Land Utilization and Development Plan for both the Main and Panganiban Campuses. The plan included various projects such as the residential complex, sports complex, health and wellness complex, commercial complex, the Knowledge, Innovations, Science and Technology (KIST) Park, Engineering and Architecture complex, Education, Law, Business, Arts, Sciences complex, Alumni Center, as well as Graduate Studies. He also discussed the Infrastructure Map and the general administration and other Support Service facilities.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tabirara expressed his gratitude to the teams and commended everyone for their collaborative efforts, expertise, and commitment to ensuring CatSU's success in obtaining an ECC (Environmental Compliance Certificate) for all the university's general projects.

Additionally, he emphasized the importance of Environmental Impact Statement formulation aligned with CatSU's goals and identity as a green university, impacting not only the community but also the entire province and the nation.

The EIS consists of six identified stages: Information Education Campaign, Public Scoping, Technical Scoping, Public Hearing, Technical Hearing, Final Hearing, and the grant of ECC.

The CatSU Main and Panganiban Campus Teams are composed of the following members: Dr. Ramon F. Samonte, CatSU PC OIC-Director; Dr. Jaymund M. Floranza, CatSU PC Vice President for Admin and Finance Affairs; Prof. Eduardo C. Peña; Engr. Johnmar F. Cordial; Ms. Maria Johanna U. Socito; Ms. Krisha Nell B. Lopez, CatSU PC Pollution Control Officer; Prof. Ma. Luz A. Floralde, Natural Science Department Chair; Prof. Ma. Cecilia T. Arcilla; Dr. Rommel R. Regala; Prof. Francis B. Tatel; Engr. Renato T. Chong of the Project Management Office; and Ms. Caroline Vecilles of Corporate Communications Services.  #civ