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Cat’nes Governor foresees economic growth, self-sufficiency for Catanduanes with Agro-Industrial, Economic Processing Zone


Governor Joseph C. Cua of Catanduanes expressed his optimism for the future of the province during his address on the groundbreaking ceremony of the Catanduanes State University’s Agro-Industrial Economic Processing Zone, and, the Knowledge and Innovation Science Technology (KIST) Economic Zone on May 25, 2023.

The three-termer Governor highlighted the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead, emphasizing the creation of more jobs for Catandunganons and the province's journey toward self-sufficiency.

Governor Cua revealed that new locators would be attracted to Catanduanes, introducing technologically-advanced systems and operations that will revolutionize the agricultural sector. These advancements are expected to significantly increase agricultural output in the coming years.

“Maogma ako na sa pilang taon pa sanang paninirbihan ni Kuyang Doc Patrick digdi sa CatSU, pagmati mi, dekada na sa labi-labing pagbabag-o na nai-pundar ta sa unibersidad na ini. An napu-nan niyato na mga proyekto para sa probinsya sa paagi nin partnership nin lokal na gobyerno asin kan CatSU, padagos niyatong mamanteneron tanganing dakol pa sa mga bisyon asin pangarap ta para sa probinsya an mangyari asin magkatotoo,” Gov. Cua said in his address.

Through effective leadership, unity, and cooperation, Governor Cua emphasized that they have been able to exceed expectations and set higher standards for future generations. This progress serves as a testament to the province's commitment to excellence.

He also expressed his hope that the recent event would ignite further movements and initiatives within Catanduanes. He encouraged advocacy and championing the development of the province and the well-being of its people.

“I hope that this event sparks more movements and initiatives in Catanduanes– one that advocates and champions the development of our province and the Catandunganon People,” Gov. Cua said.

The governor's vision encompasses not only economic growth but also the preservation of Catanduanes' cultural heritage and the overall improvement of the quality of life for its residents. He believes that by fostering an environment of progress and collaboration, Catanduanes will thrive and create a brighter future for all.

As the province continues to forge ahead, Governor Cua remains steadfast in his commitment to promoting sustainable development, fostering partnerships, and nurturing the aspirations and dreams of the Catandunganon people.  #FJBT