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PolSci Society hosts event to combat fake news, promote information literacy


The Political Science Society (PSS) organized the PSS Cup: The Pandemonium on March 1, 2023, at the CatSU Gymnasium to raise awareness among Political Science students about their crucial role in fighting against misinformation, propaganda, and fake news by advocating for information literacy on various platforms.

The event also aimed to foster camaraderie among society members, improve their morale, leadership, and skills, and create an effective organization.

The theme of the event, "Strengthening and fortifying one's voice within," encouraged students to showcase their passion and voice through various contests such as Extemporaneous Speech, Photo Essay, Poem Writing, Battle of the Brains, Team-Building Activities and Games, Debate, and Talent Showdown.

Atty. Rene John M. Velasco, the guest speaker, emphasized the importance of critical thinking and fact-checking among peers and in communities.

"As Political Science students, you all played a crucial role in combating misinformation, propaganda, and fake news by advocating for information literacy on various platforms. With your understanding of how politics and media intersect, you can promote critical thinking and fact-checking among your peers and in your communities," Atty. Velasco shared.

Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUMSS), Dr. Jimmylen Z. Tonio, supported Atty. Velasco's message to the Political Science students.

"By sharing accurate and reliable sources of information and encouraging others to do the same, political science students could help prevent the spread of false information and promote a more informed and engaged citizenry," Dean Tonio said.

Richard Abenir, the President of PSS, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to develop the abilities of Political Science students to become leaders in the fight against misinformation and help build a better-informed society.

Alumni from the CatSU Political Science program also attended the fellowship night's closing activity.

Atty. Michael Marquez, Mr. Remelito Cabrera, former Vice Mayor of Panganiban, and presently an Instructor I at CHUMSS, as well as Mr. Jomel T. Romero, Mr. Pastor Marquez, Mr. Jozem Nino I. Morales, who are also Instructors from CHUMSS, Ms. Mary Franz O. Soquerata, Nino Joshua Santelices, Lao Ogerio, Arnel S. Clavo, RJ Vela, Abel Tuzara, and Christian Torrena were among the alumni who attended the event. #FJBT