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International Visitor | Japanese Professor shares Biotechnology expertise with CatSU


On his fourth visit to Catanduanes State University (CatSU), Professor Satoshi Kubota of Kochi University, Japan shared about Biotechnology/Molecular Systems of Food Resources and Aquatic Organisms with the professors and students at the CatSU Conference Room on March 1, 2023.

Dr. Kubota specifically discussed Collaborative Research under Kuroshio Science Network including the region’s History and Current Status of Biotechnological Research. He also related the Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) in Higher Education to the Current Status of Biotechnology Education in the Philippines.

Kubota sensei also elaborated on the importance of the establishment of a biotechnology laboratory, such as the biotech lab in BUTC where researchers and students can have productive scientific engagements.

The Kochi University Research and Education Faculty also introduced Kochi University, the Kuroshio Science Program, and other postgraduate scholarship opportunities to the attendees. The activity concluded with a forum in which Dr. Kubota and the participants discussed possible collaborations and partnerships in the future.

"We want to strengthen our partnership, and we are always committed to collaborating with Catanduanes State University, especially in knowledge generation and technical support in research," Dr. Kubota said.

This was also emphasized by the Japanese professor in his last visit on February 21, 2019, when he said that collaboration is a must, and that the aim at Kochi University is for their students as well as exchange students not to be constrained in the laboratory.

Dr. Kristian Q. Aldea, the Assistant Vice-President for Research, Extension, and Production Affairs (AVP-REPA), expressed his gratitude for Sensei's timely visit and discussion of biotechnological research updates. According to him, the visit brought new ideas and development to the dynamic biotechnological field, which is applicable in many instructional and research undertakings for students and faculty members alike.

Dr. Aldea, a graduate of Doctor of Philosophy in Marine Science at the Benthic Ecology at the Kochi University, Japan, emphasized the need for stronger linkage and collaboration among institutions in the Kuroshio region to achieve regional development. The visit of his Sensei highlighted the importance of biotechnological innovations and their role in advancing the field of marine science.

Meanwhile, after his lecture, Dr. Kubota went to the College of Agriculture and Fisheries to check its Soil Laboratory. Several inputs were suggested to the Dean, Professor Jugie Ramos, on how to improve the laboratory's operation.

Dr. Kubota, accompanied by Dr. Kristian Q. Aldea, also visited the Agoho Marine Sanctuary in San Andres and the Marilima Sanctuary in Virac. He also visited the Science laboratory of the College of Sciences and met its faculty members.

On his arrival on February 28, Dr. Kubota was welcomed by Dr. Patrick Alain T. Azanza, the SUC President III, and Dr. Ramon Felipe A. Sarmiento, Vice President for Research, Extension, and Production Affairs (VP-REPA), Dr. Kristian Q. Aldea (AVP-REPA), Dr. Jose Z. Tria, Director of Research and Development Services (RDS), and Professor Zyra Mae T. Tumala, Director of the Center for International Relations and Continuing Professional Development Services (CIRCPDS).

“Kubota sense's visit highlights the significance of collaborations in academic and research pursuits. Through partnerships and collaborations, institutions can achieve greater heights and contribute to regional development,” Dr. Azanza said. 

Prior to his visit to CatSU, Dr. Kubota also went to Benguet State University, University of the Philippines Visayas, and Bicol University. He will also visit Partido State University in Goa, Camarines Sur.  #FJBT